SandyYour photos mean a lot to you. They are your memories. They tell your story. We handle each photo as if it were our own. Whether your story is large or small, affects many or just a few, it is and always will be part of you.

By digitizing and restoring your photos, we offer you the means to continue to tell your story, and to keep your history intact.

The photo shown here was carried for many years, and had been folded in half, causing a fold mark across the face of the little girl. By scanning and restoring the photo, it was returned to it previous quality.

3D Artwork

In the gallery, you will find artwork that is rendered from 3D models. I am building this as a resource that you can use for your projects. You may order high quality images, or custom artwork. Just send me a note describing what you need.

Our Services

Services that we can provide for you include:
  • Scanning services
    • We use professional photo scanners to scan your photos at the optimum resolution for your photo
    • 35mm slide and other film images can also be scanned
    • Negatives scanned and converted to positive images
  • Photo Restoration
    • Dust and Scratch Removal
    • Tone and Color Corrections
    • Tear and Stain Reconstruction
  • Color to Black and White Conversion
  • Black and White to Two Tone Conversion
  • Retouching
    • Blemish Removal
    • Hot Spot Removal
    • Image Enhancements
    • Red Eye Removal
  • Image Manipulations
    • Distracting artifact removal
    • Background changes
    • Cut-Outs
    • Vignettes
    • Framing Effect
  • Digital Image Delivery
    • Delivery on CD or DVD
    • Delivery via Electronic File Download
    • Delivery on Prints
    • Electronic Slide Shows
  • 3D Models
    • 3D renderings
    • 3D animations
    • Architectural Renderings
    • Product Modeling

These are your photos. Your copies will be delivered to you on the media format that you prefer with no artist signature, watermark or copyright image. They are yours to use as you like. Share them with friends, put them on your web site, print as many copies as you wish.