Scanning Services Procedure.

To have your photos scanned, you will send your photos to me. I will evaluate your photos and provide you with an estimate. Please click here and to send me a note before you send your photos, so I will know they are coming and who is sending them. This way I can keep an eye out to insure that I get them. Also select the shipping button below to pay for return shipping. If you order more the $50.00, I will discount the shipping.

For your digital images, you can upload them here. If you have a large number of digital images that you need restored, please send me an email. I will set up an ftp account where you can upload your files for me to look at, and prepare an estimate for you.


For any originals that need to be returned on orders under $50.00, please add shipping.


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free, and secure!

Please order from below.

Level 1 Scanning Service
Basic Photo Scanning with Minimal or no Touch up required.

Level 2 Scanning Service
Basic Photo Scanning with Minor touch up required.

Level 3 Scanning Service
Basic Photo Scanning with Moderate Touch up required.

Return Shipping
Return shipping of Photos Scanned. This will be applied as a discount on orders over $50.00

For those who are not comfortable with using PayPal, I will also except checks, although this method will take longer.